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How to Make a Wedding Dress from Start to Finish step by step

I’ve continually cherished the thinking of making my personal wedding ceremony dress.

How to Make a Wedding Dress from Start to Finish step by step

step 1

Firstly, due to the fact I love a challenge. When I embarked on this project, I wasn’t a mainly skilled sewer. My stitching consisted of typically shortening trousers (I’m 5 foot two inches) and mending holes. The apparel that I’d made from scratch was once nevertheless from when I was once six.

Secondly, wedding ceremony clothes are expensive. As most female do when they discover themselves in a happy, secure relationship, I’d been shopping wedding ceremony clothes on-line for pretty some time.

 I had determined my ideal gown in the shape of a lovely Sassi Holford number, with a subtle lace bodice and flowing A-line dress. But after getting to know prices, I located out that it would value me roughly £3000! This gave me an delivered incentive to make my personal dress.

Thirdly, I ought to make the costume virtually my own. I ought to pick out and selected bits that I appreciated from exclusive clothes and mix them into my personal design. So after I’d made the selection to go in advance and do it (and all of us had advised me I used to be crazy), 

how i desgin my weddign dresses 

This bit is great, if truth be told it’s window shopping! I browsed tonnes of web sites on line and got here up with bodice fronts, backs and skirts that I favored the appear of.

how i desgin my weddign dresses

This used to be awesome for inspiration. As I mentioned, there used to be one specific gown that I loved, and that used to be the Alexandra costume through Sassi Holford.

So now that I had an concept of what I wanted, I did a tough graph of my dress. I had a bit of a wacky notion of having two layers to the gown so that the backside half of may want to be taken off later on in the reception for the first dance.

 I’m all about practicality and didn’t like the notion of being unable to boogie via the night time in a costume that was once too restrictive. After all, you’ve received to be capable to revel in your personal wedding! So here’s what I sketched:

Not the quality artist I know, however the thinking was once that the backside two layers of the costume may want to be indifferent leaving a shorter skirt. However, I later deserted this thought as it would ruin the smooth A-line silhouette that I used to be aiming for. Plus it became out to be pretty a mild gown and convenient adequate to go round in. So deliver on the party!

Learning how to sew wedding dresses 

Being an inexperienced sewer, I idea I’d excellent begin by way of equipping myself with an arsenal of information. After trawling thru many reviews, I sold two books: ‘Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time’ with the aid of Tanya Whelan and ‘The Sewing Book’ by way of Alison Smith (a more recent version has these days been released).

best book to learn how to sewing wedding dresses
best book to learn how to sewing wedding dresses

Tanya’s e book I really love. Once you have this book, you essentially don’t want to ever purchase some other gown sample again. She offers patterns for a range of bodices, skirts, sleeves, and collars, and you can choose and selected the ones you like to mix into a customised dress.

Alison’s e book is exceedingly thorough and makes a incredible aid to dip in and out of. The descriptions of special sorts of material was once mainly useful for me. One section of the e book takes you thru how to make a strapless bodice, and this helped me design out my bodice construction. 

I first heard of Alison Smith through her Craftsy courses, which was the other thing I bought. These were:

  • Couture Dressmaking Techniques;
  • Couture Finishing Techniques; and
  • The Essential Guide to Sewing with Lace.

She is such a good teacher, everything is done methodically and explained in great detail. They’re reasonably priced and I got them on sale (Craftsy regularly has sales on classes), and based on how much I saved by not buying a dress I felt I could afford to spend a bit more on improving my sewing skills. (If you’re interested in trying out a variety of classes, it may be worth signing up for Craftsy Unlimited which was recently introduced.) It really helped with giving me the confidence I needed to actually go ahead and start making my dress!

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